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Video or Phone Call

A more personable online option allow clients to interact with a reader in the comforts of their own home. We can schedule a call with you and give you a live reading with Runes or Tarot.

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Online Readings

Our online options give clients the option to gather information and guidance from the comfort of their own home. After you have chosen your deck/rune reading and spread, we will pull cards for you and email or mail your results directly to you.

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In Person Reading

The most traditional form of Tarot is a face-to-face reading. You can schedule an appointment and come to the shop to draw your cards from a deck of your choosing.

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Candle Magick

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I have been on many sites that promise future love and riches. This was such a different experience. Hope was not only helpful, but the reading was more grounded and offered guidance, not lotto numbers.


Honest reading and great advice! I felt so much better after speaking with Hope.

Julie Marten

My reading was not only accurate, but also helpful in my struggle with my career. I felt I was in a bad spot, but after my finance reading, I was able to feel more confident about my decision to create my own brand and it has paid off!

Denise Leland